Need Money For Your Business: Have you considered Australian Business Grants from the Government!

How much money is your business eligible to receive?

If you need finance for business start-up, expansion or growth then Business Grants could be able to help you. Government Grants are there to help with financing business needs including advertising, renovations, marketing, machinery, training, trade visits and renovations, fixtures, new equipment, admin expenses, R&D, hiring staff or any other purpose:

Government Funding for Expanding or Growing your Business

You can get money to expand with Business Funding through government small business loans. Or you may choose grants that are given to business for the purpose of helping you grow and increase profits. Funding can be obtained from a few thousand into the millions; Business owners should not miss their chance to obtain low interest loans and grants today!

Government Grants for Australian Businesses

If you are seeking government grants for your small business as a way of business financing then here is a great place to start your search. The Australian government puts aside billions of dollars each year in Grants to help business grow and expand.Use them to your advantage and help your business get the kick start or boost it needs. Follow this link to learn more about Government Grants

Find Out if You Are Eligible Today for Small Business Grants!

Small business owners should apply for a grant wherever they can as government small business funding is one of the best ways to obtain money. Small Business Grants never have to be repaid however they do have strict closing deadlines, so don’t let your business miss out on this chance to secure money today!

Small business loans through the government offer you the chance to obtain money with low or no interest rates. With financing designed to ensure you remain competitive in today's market while accelerating business development and growth.

HOW TO APPLY Phone 1800 785 972 or EMAIL

Current Programs

  • Farm Businesses apply today!

    Sep 25, 2014 4:21

    Farm Businesses apply today!

    Second chance just appear for farm businesses across the country. Assessment of all complete applications is  on a “First Come” basis until the allocated funding for this year is fully committed – so hurry up and apply now! The first round of the scheme last financial year was highly successful, […]

  • New Business – Start Up

    Sep 15, 2014 0:19

    New Business – Start Up

    Starting a business with no money is not a good idea and this is not what startup grants are designed for, they are put in place by the government to ensure new businesses have a better chance of success. Borrowing money to start a business can often be difficult as […]

  • Expanding Existing Business

    Sep 7, 2014 9:15

    Expanding Existing Business

    Grants to expand business are offered with Australian government business grants and loans available for expanding or improving your business with funding offered from $1000 to $500,000. Grants and loans are available in many areas for existing business, some examples of funding available include: Grants (a grant is a form […]