Small Business Funding with Government Grants & Loans

Do you need a way to finance your commercial venture?

An Australian Business Grant is a way to get financial assistance that never needs paying back. Offered to small business owners this money is an invaluable asset as it can be used for business growth & expansion or can be helpful in the early development stage.

Grant funding can help you buy new machinery or with advertising & marketing, training, renovations,equipment staff, business mentoring plus much more

Expanding Business with a Government Loan from $20,000 to $900,000

Low interest business loans give small industry a boost

Get a big advantage by giving your business the financial boost required to develop, grow or expand. Small Business Government Loans are in high demand by business owners, companies and sole traders due their little or no interest rates & long repayment terms, so don’t miss your chance to access them today!

Government Business Funding Has Strict Closing Deadlines, Don't Miss Out

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Current Programs

  • New Business Funding

    Apr 10, 2015 0:02

    New Business Funding

    Government Money and assistance available to astute entrepreneurs Australia wide. Do You Need Assistance to Finance Your New Venture? Whether you are seeking funds or assistance for starting a new venture, expanding an existing company, Equipment, Research & development, Training,  Employing staff, Export assistance, International Trade Fairs, Advertising, Renovations, IT, […]

  • Government Funding-Business Expansion

    Apr 9, 2015 9:15

    Government Funding-Business Expansion

    Access funds up to 1 million dollars. The Australian Government assisting growing industry during expansion stage by providing free money that does not need to paid back or loans that are either low or no interest with long repayment terms. Capital and assistance for expanding your business may be the […]

  • Farm Businesses apply today!

    Jan 14, 2015 4:21

    Farm Businesses apply today!

    A 2nd opportunity for Australian farm owners with grants on “First Come” basis – so hurry up and apply now! The first round of the scheme in the last financial year was highly successful, and now the Australian Government has provided an additional $210  million for the 2014–15 financial year. […]

  • Business Grants – NSW

    Business Grants – NSW

    Mar 22, 2015 20:02

    NSW business grants offer you a way to get finance through (NSW) government grants funding and business programs open for application now with...