Queensland Government offers Money to Small Business through Grants, Loans & Assistance.

Qld Small business owners can apply for a loan or grant with Queensland state government business loan programs and grants funding to help you grow, startup, or improve with this money available for application now!

What benefits are grants to a business owner

Grants for Qld business means money you are not required to ever pay back, so this means you can apply for the money through funding allocated to Qld business owners and rest assured it is given to you free of charge, no repayments, no interest and no headaches.

Business owners new or existing should be aware of the funding possibilities through government business money that is offered each year to assist growth and development through federal and local government business funding.

Can i get Small Business Grants Qld to expand my Business?

If you operate a small business in Queensland then you can apply to the Qld government for state grants however you can also apply for other money offered through federal government funding programs to use towards expansion costs.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Queensland

Money to start a business in Qld is offered through government lending designed to help you get up and running by offering you the resources to obtain it through grants and loans programs, along with mentoring, workshops and professional advice to help you during the early stages.

Phone: 1800 785 972 or Email to see what funding is currently being offered.

What is the difference between a small business grant and a bank loan?

Unlike a bank loan, Qld Small Business Grants  are non repayable and Qld Government Low Interest Business Loans are offered to assist entrepreneurs with a great idea or to assist with the start-up, growth or expansion of a business that is finding growth hard due to the change in economic finances.

You can apply for several options at once and are not locked into just one application at any one time (unless otherwise stated).

If you are finding it difficult to obtain loans for your business through other sources or would simply like to take advantage of the Federal State or local business grants and loans on offer in Queensland then it is advisable to seek this information and apply for as much as you can.

What types of grants are available to businesses in Qld?

Grants are available for many purposes i.e: subsidised training programs, plant or equipment grants, renewable energy grants, business grants for women, mentoring, staffing subsidies, relocating, promotion / advertising, manufacturing, arts and textile grants, in fact there are hundreds of them for all different reasons.

Are there grants specifically for business women in Queensland?

Women in business can access grants tailored specifically for them through Qld and federal government funding programs designed to help you start, grow or expand your business within the state of Queensland either nationally or internationally.

If you would like a full list of what grants and government business loans programs that are either open now for application or closing soon please contact our office for assistance and begin applying now!.

PH: 1800 785 972 or Email Us

See Successful business owners that have applied for and received grants to help them along the way Recipients


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